Legal Aid Clinic

The mission of Ecotec’s Legal Aid Clinic is to serve the community in need and in state of vulnerability, to provide legal services diligently at no cost, thus contributing to society and the country.

Legal Services

Pre-professional internships

The Legal Aid Clinic offers students the opportunity to fine-tune their lawyering skills as they fulfill their pre-professional internship requirement.



  • Attention to users
  • Organize files for court cases
  • Inform users about updates on their cases
  • Preparation of lawsuits, responses and other legal documents
  • Legal notices archive
  • Reports

Court Hearings


  • Attendance to court hearings under the guidance and thoughtful teaching of supervising attorneys
  • Hearing analysis after its completion

Legal Advice


  • Advice users on issues related to their cases
  • Preparation of necessary documents for the advancement of cases
  • Proposal and elaboration of strategies and theories of assigned cases

Research work


  • Research work relevant to active cases
  • Proposals for research topics that contribute to the legal community and society in general