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We are an Academic Unit that exists to create and strengthen links between the University and public and private organizations. We offer training, advisory, and consulting activities to transfer knowledge and enable professional development of the members of organizations, contributing to the growth of institutions and society.


We offer training in various functional areas:

Business Management and Finance courses

Efficiency and effectiveness is measured and enhanced through the application of qualitative and quantitative tools, to achieve resources optimization with a sustainable and social responsible approach.

Human Resources

Develop competencies to address effectively, with a systemic vision, resource management processes, in alignment with organizational strategy and employees well-being.

Occupational health and safety

It is imperative to know and comply with all the requirements of the field, to effectively lead occupational health and safety, avoiding risks and fostering a safe and healthy occupational environment.

Processes and Operations

Professionals in processes, operations, and logistics, deliver goods and services with the highest quality and efficiency, besides contributing with knowledge to implement appropriate strategies and manage processes.

Sales, Communications and Marketing

Developing skills to solve conflicts in new marketing environments and generate service-oriented communication with a strategic approach, ensures professional success in the field.

Public Relations

Management of Institutional communication programs require special attention to corporate image and skills to carry out public relations campaigns.

Information Technology

IT responds to different issues, applying modern technological tools and integrating information system experiences.



  • Learn

    Dynamic and Interactive learning methodology

  • Interact

    With professionals with extensive experience

  • Action plan

    executed in the labor field

  • Academic Offer

    High quality academic programs

  • Effective Field of action

    between the instructor and the participants


We assess the needs of institutions to design customized programs that meet the specific needs of organizations, providing advisory and quality training.

Training Programs

Addressed to professionals and non-professionals that want to improve their skills, competencies, and attitudes based on the deepening of existing knowledge or new knowledge in the technical, professional, or business field.


Seminars as a group learning methodology aims to update participants’ knowledge and develop their skills and competencies about specific subjects of certain disciplines, using dynamic and participative techniques.

Our goal

Educate on a permanent basis professionals and non-professionals who require updating or deepening their knowledge on a specific subject.

Our contribution

We contribute to strengthening participants’ skills, attitudes and, competencies, improving their performance or job position, and contributing to their personal growth.


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